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The first Pom Mom Community in Spain

Pom Moms Marbella 
A Pomeranian
Community for crazy
Pom Moms

Happy Poms Happy Moms


About Pom Moms Marbella

Pom Moms Marbella, a whole new concept that is in the make.

I want to create a community for Pom Moms in and around Marbella.

*For you to find it easier to walk with someone who also has a little furry friend for your Pom and make walking more fun for both of you.

*For you to meet new people in your area, for example if you’re new here.

*For your Pom to socialize with friends.

*For you to be part of a community where we all share the love for Pomeranians.

*For you to be a part at events that are in the make as we speak. Think, lunch after walks, sunrise walks, sunset walks, picnics etc.

*For you to ask advice which vet to go, which groomer you like best, what food you give your Pom, advise for traveling etc.

All in all it’s going to be a fun community with lots of activities and walks. And love and positivity. ❤️🐶❤️🐶

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Our Services

What to expect from our Pom Mom Walks and Plays?

Because we are still in the start-up fase of Pom Moms Marbella, at the moment it is mainly 

Playtime on the beach. 

Sometimes if the Poms know each other better we can do walks together as they already know each other and it is calmer to walk them.

Pom Walks and Coffee

These are for the poms that already have met and love to walk (approx 2 hours)

Pom Beach Play

This is for new and old friends. So you can come and go whenever you like. It takes about one hour.

Pom Dates

This is for Pom Moms and their Poms to do other activities together. 

Pom Moms Week Plan

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