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Pom Moms Marbella

About Us

My name is Lily and since July 22 I am the proud Mom of Jimmy.

I also have cats and a german shepherd. But I noticed as well that a Pomeranian
Is a different kind of dog.
Of course as the animal lover that I am all dogs have their sweetness and beauty.

But a Pomeranian is a lot of dog in a tiny body.
They are beautiful, cheeky, smart, sweet, and are almost like toddlers.

When I had a date with his sister from the same litter I saw the way he played with a Pom was different too.


My husband joked about this date when I showed him the cute videos.
He said you should create a Pomeranian club.


















I laughed it away. Until I was called a Pom mom by someone.  
And there it was. I went home and wrote on my fridge, Pom Moms Marbella. With a little heart.
I looked at it every time I got something from the fridge.

Checked Instagram if the name was available. And started to visualize it.
It made me laugh to see all the poms come together. Picnics in springtime, nice talks, meeting new people.

The response and engagement is already overwhelming.
And I am convinced this is going to be such a nice community for us crazy Pom moms.

Soon I will let you know how we will create many playdates. And will create a first group walk and maybe lunch.

So stay tuned.


Meet Jimmy

My name is Jimmy🐶 My dad choose my name.
That was the deal he had with my mom.

Only then, she was allowed to pick me up 🤪
But I like my name actually.

Anyway I am almost 9 months old and I live in Marbella area 🌴☀️
I love to play with other dogs, I love the beach and walks on the boulevard.

But my mom told me she’s finding me more friends 🐶🐶🐶🐶
And I am so excited about that!
Because I have the most fun with other Poms.
It’s just, you know, uhm……I think, we Poms are the best🙌🏽😉

But of course I like other dogs too.
My sister, not a real one, but she lives in my house, is a German shepherd.
And she’s pretty cool! But she won’t join the Pom walks, she’s too wild🤪🤣

I am really looking forward meeting my new friends, so I see you soon 🐾🐶


Our Vision

Pom Moms Marbella, is a whole new concept that is in the making.

I want to create a community for Pom Moms in and around Marbella.

*For you to find it easier to walk with someone who also has a little furry friend for your Pom and make walking more fun for both of you.

*For you to meet new people in your area, for example, if you’re new here.

*For your Pom to socialize with friends.

*For you to be part of a community where we all share the love for Pomeranians.

*For you to be a part of events,
in the making as we speak. Think, lunch after walks, sunrise walks, sunset walks, picnics, etc.

*For you to ask advice on which vet to go to, which groomer you like best, what food you give your Pom, advice for traveling, etc.

All in all, it’s going to be a fun community with lots of activities and walks. And love and positivity. ❤️🐶❤️🐶

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